Dr. Mark McKenna

A doctor and an entrepreneur combined into one person may sound strange to some; however, Dr. Mark McKenna realized while he was still in medical school that in order to live the lifestyle that he craved, that he would have to do something in addition to working as a doctor. What McKenna has built with his talents has been a life changer for him.

Dr. Mark McKenna earned his medical degree from Tulane Medical School. He was following in his father’s footsteps, but while in college he realized that due to the way that insurance companies were changing reimbursements, that the income of doctors was actually in decline. So, while he was still in medical school, he started to acquire real estate property and was able to quickly build a successful real estate business in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina hit, Dr. Mark McKenna did sustain losses, but he was able to rebuild the company and sell it for profit. At that point, McKenna decided it was time to combine his medical expertise with his business sense to create ShapeMed. ShapeMed was a set of offices that were created for customer to go and receive cosmetic procedures at. This business was very successful and McKenna was able to sell the company to a gym chain for 4.4 million. This left him a nice profit and he has put that toward his current entrepreneur venture known as OVME.

OVME is being created on a similar thought process as ShapeMed in that it is still a business in which people will be able to seek out cosmetic procedures. The difference with OVME though will be the app that Dr. Mark McKenna is also designing to accompany the actual offices. The app will allow individuals that want to have cosmetic procedures to contact practitioners that will actually travel to their home to complete procedures such as laser hair removal and Botox. By creating such an app, McKenna is allowing people to change their appearance in the ways that they desire, without ever leaving the privacy of their homes and that is just genius with the privacy that people crave today.


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