Adam Milstein-Combating anti-semitism

The war against anti-Semitism is a concern of Adam Milstein, a philanthropist and an entrepreneur in the United States. Milstein whose origin is Israel is worried that cases of anti-Semitism are on the rise in the United States and Europe, the recent change has been created by efforts being made by radical groups such as the radical Islamists, radical right and radical left supporters. The move is aimed at weakening the State of Israel so that it can be ran over by the terror groups which have been drooling for an opportunity to eliminate the Jews. The move will however not come true if the Jews stay together.

Adam Milstein has been supporting programs that will bring unity to all Jews no matter where they are. By being united, they will not give the enemies a chance to harass them. The strength of the community lies in its ability to unite and fight the challenges that they face as a team. If the community can manage to have that in check, then radical groups can forget about having an impact in matters related to the State of Israel. Israel will stand strong and defeat efforts aimed at eliminating its people. Adam Milstein has created a philanthropic organization known as the Adam Milstein Family Foundation that is working with other pro-Israeli organization which supports causes that will strengthen the Jews wherever they are in the world. This organization has so far supported over 100 pro-Israeli organizations which can proudly say that they have done something positive in pushing for the unity of the Jews.

Adam Milstein is concerned about the status of anti-Semitism in the world and is trying to do something about it. He is leading in the way against anti-Semitism by creating an environment where radical groups will be kept away from Israel. Anti-Semitism is defeatist idea which is supposed to help radical groups feel better. Of all the things that they accuse Israel of, none of them is even right. Adam Milstein has committed to do something about it and has launched an organization known as the Israeli-American Council which will support the interest of the Jews; in the United States and back home in Israel.

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