The Chainsmokers Stay Atop Billboard Dance Charts for 34 Weeks

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, more commonly known as The Chainsmokers, make EDM, dance, and pop music. Since coming together in 2014 they have made a successful career. Being a mainstay in the music industry for four years is in itself a miracle, but they have went above and beyond expectations, even obtaining success on the level of legendary dance groups like the Gorillaz.

Their strategy for remaining on top of the dance genre for so long was well-thought. Instead of immediately releasing an album they chose to release singles. For years they released a song every month or two, slowly building anticipation and keeping fans interested. After over three years releasing singles they finally released Memories…Do Not Open. Their album has been at the top of the dance Billboard Charts for 34 weeks.

Their reign at the top hasn’t been consecutive however. Several times during their time at the top of the charts, they were knocked off by a few other notable dance artists temporarily. Odesza, Kygo, William Control, and Above & Beyond all managed to take the top spot from The Chainsmokers for a short time. However, Calvin Harris managed to keep the No 1 spot from the Chainsmokers for the longest: his album was No 1 for months. The late Avicii also climbed to the top of the dance Billboard Chart after fans learned of his death.

About The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have been a group since 2014. They began working together after Alex Pall, one half of the Chainsmokers, had his original partner leave him. Andrew Taggart, who was interning at Interscope at the time, was introduced to Alex Pall, and they teamed up.

Alex Pall had been interested in music since a kid. In fact, he was already DJing in New York before he linked up with Taggart.

Andrew Taggart was trying to break into the music industry at Interscope, but he was also DJing as much as possible.

When the two linked up, they immediately began making music. In fact, they have stated that they are years ahead of their releases, currently making music that may not see the light of day for years to come.

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