The Musical Acts and Concerts Under The Management Skills of Clay Hutson

The world of event production and music may already have heard of Clay Hutson as the man behind a production team that has helped organize fantastic concerts not just in Nashville but also outside the town. Clay Hutson’s name is not already new to those in-the-know. But what most people don’t know yet are the recent activities that take up most of the attention and time of Hutson today. One of these activities would be the one reported in the news portal, Patch. It’s about the new project of Hutson in organizing Kid Rock’s tour, which is the second one already in the U.S. circuit this year.



Kid Rock is one of the most sensational and popular rockstars in the whole United States, and right now Hutson would be part of his musical tour. The 2018 most sensational and popular rockstaconcert that Hutson would be part of is the Red Blooded Rock N’Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour, and it will feature fantastic solo acts to be held in various music festivals. Many of the other artists that will join Kid Rock and Hutson in the tour would be Brantley Gilbert and Wheeler Walker, Jr. It is then not a stretch to say that this would be one of the many soon-to-be successful and ominous concerts that would see the light of day in the United States.



It must also be added here that Hutson has gained the confidence to be part of such confidence mainly because of his previous work experience. He’d been a Stage Manager and Production Manager already for many bands. His successful experience is then integral in attracting the trust of many other musicians whose concerts he would be managing.



Clay Hutson’s Background



A background profile of Clay Hutson would have to mention that he’s the music production man based in Nashville, Tennessee. He was able to attract the trust of many musical acts because of his degree in theater design from Central Michigan University. He has also a master’s degree background in Business Administration at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. After such education, he held various musical event positions for live entertainment companies. He’s also been a project manager as well as the sound officer for many musicians, engineering the best musical events that have ever been organized.



Clay Huston has also seen many challenges in his event production career. He, however, has overcome all these ordeals and have come out well-experienced and trained in all sorts of challenges and setbacks in organizing musical productions. Learn more:



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