Stream Cares: Stream Energy Philanthropy Arm

The launching of Stream Cares has played a significant role in the growth of Stream Energy as a whole. The main goal of the arm is to help the less fortunate in the community in a bid to make both Dallas and Texas a living paradise for the residents who are in turn the customers.

The Hurricane Harvey

Stream Energy with the help of the philanthropy arm was the first corporation to stand out and offer aid to most families during the hurricane Harvey. The hurricane was catastrophic and saw many people losing their lives, homes and other valuable property leaving them as desperate as never before. However, thanks to Stream Energy’s charity foundation, the victims of the flooding did not suffer long before meaningful help came their way. It is without the doubt that the victims found it easy to foster their normal lives after the intervention of Stream Cares. Interestingly, the company does not claim the act of generosity as purely marketing criteria but rather a way to fulfil the corporation’s passion to assist in times of crisis.

Giving Back to the Society

Apart from intervening during a time of crisis, Stream Energy also fancies in meeting their customers creating happy moments for the customers. For instance, the corporation set aside some cash to offer both moral and financial aid to the residents. The company took the initiative to help the military veterans around the business campus by offering transportation, cash out and ensuring that the December holiday season is smooth for the chosen families. In another occasion, Stream Company devoted to assisting ten girls from the military families by budgeting and mentoring for them as proof for their generosity and warm-heartedness.

Hope Supply

Hope supply Co. is an institution that deals with homeless children around Dallas. Stream Cares has a hand in it and partners with the Hope Supply to ensure that the organisation harmoniously achieves all its objectives. The good thing about the partnership is that the beneficiaries can now get sufficient money and motivational talks from Stream Energy’s employees.

The advantages of giving back to the community from a business expert point of view are infinite. First, the corporation enjoys the respect of its customers and while at the same time experiences growth among other things.

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