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Igor Cornelsen Shares Tips To Be Successful In Financial Investments

Brazilian investor and stock market trader, Igor Cornelsen has an online blog where he publishes investment advice. Mr. Cornelsen currently works at The Bainbridge Group, which is an offshore investment and financial advisory company based in the Bahamas. Cornelsen’s career … Continue reading

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Martin Lustgarten: An Investment Expert

UPDATE: January 30th, 2017— Martin Lustgarten has recently announced new plans for his investing future. Read below and follow Lustgarten on social media to stay up-t0-date. Investment Banking is a division of finance and business related to capital creation for … Continue reading

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The future of investment banking

There is a lot that is going on in the world of finance at the moment. To start with, the year has had its fair share of turmoil’s both economical and humanitarian. There was the Syrian refugee crisis that forced … Continue reading

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Will Bank Branches Eventually Become Obsolete?

In a current online article concerning the banking industry, the authors present a somewhat chilling picture regarding the future of brick-and-mortar branch office banking. Being a banking customer who prefers to do banking business at branch offices, and at the … Continue reading

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China Is In For A Loss, According To Kyle Bass

Pointing out parallels between America’s 2008 collapse and China’s current banking system, Kyle Bass has a grim outlook for the future when it comes to China’s economy. He believes they’ve been building straw houses like America did prior the banking … Continue reading

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The Science of Investment Banking

Overview Investment banking is one of the most important industries in the entire economy. Over the long term, millions of people depend on the returns from investment bankers in the economy. There are a lot of people who look for … Continue reading

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