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Lawyers In Brazil Are Concern Over The Country’s Debt Rating

Brazil can’t seem to get a break. Moody’s Rating Services recently announced that it was putting Brazil’s Baa3 rating on review. That could mean another downgrade and the country doesn’t need that, according to attorney, to Ricardo Tosto. Tosto is … Continue reading

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Some Of The Unique Aspects Of Advertising In Brazil

Advertising is deceptively complex. Part of the reason for this is that it’s seldom a one size fits all solution. Advertising is all about appealing to people. And what one person finds subjectively appealing may well simply produce ambivalence in … Continue reading

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Lawyers in Brazil: Getting A Reputable Lawyer To Help You

Are you in desperate need of a reliable lawyer in Brazil? Do you want to find a competent lawyer to handle your case? Every country has laws and legal procedures that are application in various areas of law. The purpose … Continue reading

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