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Nick Vertucci Is Widely Regarded As A Guru In The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has been gaining pace for many decades now all over the globe. Since the population continues to rise every single year, there is more need for real estate and housing throughout the entire world. There are … Continue reading

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Stream Cares: Stream Energy Philanthropy Arm

The launching of Stream Cares has played a significant role in the growth of Stream Energy as a whole. The main goal of the arm is to help the less fortunate in the community in a bid to make both … Continue reading

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Early Music Life of Cassio Audi

Many musicians have built a big name in the music industry but few have reached the level of Cassio Audi.Besides being an outgoing businessman, Cassio was a successful musician before he ventured into business. Many people know little about his … Continue reading

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Flavio Maluf the president of Eucatex Company and his career achievements.

Flavio Maluf is a well know Brazilian citizen who serves in Eucatex as the executive president. He joined Eucatex Company in 1987. Maluf has held various positions in the company innovation stages. He started in trade department and later shifted … Continue reading

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Successful PPPs sparking economic growth, reported Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an experienced consultant in many areas of corporate development of economically efficient projects, specifically in the identification and elimination economic waste. Felipe Montoro Jens an infrastructure specialist currently responsible for 12 public private partnerships planned by … Continue reading

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Dr. Mark Mofid Is One Of The Greats In Plastic Surgery

There are times when entering a new career that people find they made the wrong choice, especially when the career at hand is in bad shape. Dr. Mark Mofid entered the medical industry over a decade ago to be a … Continue reading

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Felipe Montoro Jens reports the efforts of the PPI in encouraging more PPPs

Felipe Montoro Jens details the various ways the Brazilian government is trying to leverage the benefits of implementing public private partnerships to reduce the deficit and create jobs. Felipe Montoro Jens an infrastructure projects specialist and reporter has gathered details … Continue reading

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The Role of Troy McQuagge in the Growth of USHEALTH

USHEALTH group Inc. is a renowned insurance holding organization that is situated in Texas which majorly deals in providing its clients with innovative health coverage for small business and self-employed individuals which is on the rise in the country. USHEALTH … Continue reading

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Giving back is a way of life for Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is the CEO and President of USHEALTH Advisors (USHA). In 2010, he initiated the corporation’s mission of Helping Other People Everyday(HOPE).In this period of Troy McQuagge in office as the president and CEO, USHA and USHEALTH Group has … Continue reading

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Avaaz – voice of the people

Avaaz is a non-profit organization based in the US that is aimed at giving the people a voice in the world we have now for the world we want. Avaaz means voice in Arabic, and that is what the organization … Continue reading

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