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The Incredible Story of Capital Group CEO Timothy Armour in 5 Minutes

Becoming successful in the world of investment is not an easy feat. However, this is not the case when it comes to Timothy Armour. His vast experience helped Capital Group see a lot of achievement since his appointment as the … Continue reading

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Cash Advances On Credit Cards Could Ruin You

Many people are of the mindset that if they are in a financial bind of any kind that they have to do what they must in order to get out. That is not necessarily the case though. There are certain … Continue reading

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American Express And Chase Battle To Be Seen As High Class

There are some credit card companies which just want their customers to feel like royalty. They literally want the carriers of their cards to feel as though they are a member in an exclusive club. This is because if they … Continue reading

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Walmart Increases Salaries While White House Approves New Regulations

As new laws have been put into place by President Obama to increase the overtime “salary threshold,” Walmart has decided to respond by increasing the minimum salary of its entry managers by several thousand dollars. Although some critics have dismissed … Continue reading

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Stocks Fall After GDP Falls to Lowest Level in Three Years

After the gross domestic product numbers hit their lowest levels in three years, stocks prices slid, and most of the major averages were down. The Dow was down 40 points to close at 20,940.51 on Friday, April 28th. The U.S. … Continue reading

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Personal Finance- No Savings and Substantial Debt

There is no shortage of Americans who are in substantial debt, and there is no shortage of Fintech apps designed to help people with their personal finances. According to Forbes, a third of Americans have nothing saved for their retirement … Continue reading

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YouTube’s Markiplier Teaches us a Personal Finance Lesson

An important part of financial planning is anticipating unexpected needs. That is why financial planners sometimes ask us questions like, “If you needed $100,000 a week from now, what would you do?” That question was answered pretty easily by YouTube … Continue reading

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London Faces Finance Fallout from Brexit

Last year, the UK shocked many observers by voting to exit the European Union. For months, analysts have speculated about the possible effects of the move. In Ireland, it seems, the effects are already being felt in the finance sector. … Continue reading

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Is Your Financial Advisor a Robot (Yet)?

Is human interaction an important part of the process of seeking financial advisors? For some consumers it is, but for some it is not. For those who are willing to forego that human element, there are exciting, new non-human ways … Continue reading

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The Dow Jones 20,000 Mark Doesn’t Mean Economic Or Financial Growth

When the Dow Jones Industrial Average hits a new high, there is always an element of excitement that surrounds that financial feat. But the excitement is usually overblown. The stock is more than the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and America’s … Continue reading

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