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Personal Finance- No Savings and Substantial Debt

There is no shortage of Americans who are in substantial debt, and there is no shortage of Fintech apps designed to help people with their personal finances. According to Forbes, a third of Americans have nothing saved for their retirement … Continue reading

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YouTube’s Markiplier Teaches us a Personal Finance Lesson

An important part of financial planning is anticipating unexpected needs. That is why financial planners sometimes ask us questions like, “If you needed $100,000 a week from now, what would you do?” That question was answered pretty easily by YouTube … Continue reading

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London Faces Finance Fallout from Brexit

Last year, the UK shocked many observers by voting to exit the European Union. For months, analysts have speculated about the possible effects of the move. In Ireland, it seems, the effects are already being felt in the finance sector. … Continue reading

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Is Your Financial Advisor a Robot (Yet)?

Is human interaction an important part of the process of seeking financial advisors? For some consumers it is, but for some it is not. For those who are willing to forego that human element, there are exciting, new non-human ways … Continue reading

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The Dow Jones 20,000 Mark Doesn’t Mean Economic Or Financial Growth

When the Dow Jones Industrial Average hits a new high, there is always an element of excitement that surrounds that financial feat. But the excitement is usually overblown. The stock is more than the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and America’s … Continue reading

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The UK Wants To Develop A New Trade Agreement With Trump

It’s no surprise that Prime Minister Theresa May will be the first foreign leader to meet with President Trump. The United Kingdom is up to its neck in financial and economic turmoil thanks to the Brexit vote. The financial and … Continue reading

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The Federal Reserve Bank Plans To Increase Interest Rates Every Quarter In 2018

Interest rates in the United States are low and they have been low ever since the 2008 financial meltdown. The Federal Reserve Bank wanted to keep interest rates low for several reasons. Americans needed to recover some of their losses, … Continue reading

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Proterra Incorporated Raises $140 Million in Its Fifth Round of Funding

Proterra Inc. is a Silicon Valley manufacturer of electric buses. The company recently announced that it had raised $140 million. They aim at manufacturing and operating in the U.S. by the end of the year. Ryan Popple is the Chief … Continue reading

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The Bank of Mexico Intervenes to Help Prevent Weakening of Peso

On Thursday, the Bank of Mexico sold $1 billion in New York and Mexico. The purpose of the action was to try and reduce the rate at which the peso was fluctuating. The peso’s value recorded a new low last … Continue reading

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How to Improve Your Cash Flow

You probably have a paycheck problem if you regularly run out of cash before receiving the next paycheck. And given that the festive season has left many people with empty pockets, this is a good time to figure out how … Continue reading

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