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PSI-Pay connecting the financial world

In the new age of cryptocurrency, there are now many new ways to make payments and investments both locally and globally. Unfortunately, the exchange of cryptocurrency is not regulated and therefore there is always a big fear of price inflation … Continue reading

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More Americans Optimistic about Their Money

Americans have a more positive outlook about their money than they did three years ago, according to a recent AICPA survey. Fewer people are feeling hindered by their finances. Just over one-third of adults postponed a major life decision due … Continue reading

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The Best Way to Handle Your Arguments About Money

Couples are going to fight about money. There is no way around that. There is, however, a better way to fight about debt. The thing that you need to do is realize that both of you are individuals. When you … Continue reading

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Making More Money Is Not a Free Pass to Spend Recklessly

There is a level of financial security that most people are looking to obtain. It has been stated that on average people that earn $80,000 per year are in a place where they can essentially buy the type of vehicle … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia Is Switching From Oil To Tech

Saudi Arabia is one of the most well-endowed – we’re talking about money, silly – countries on planet Earth. It’s home to Dubai, a city that flourishes today that was once nothing but desert some years ago, brought to life … Continue reading

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IoT May Help Cut Insurance Costs

Paying significant money per month on insurance premiums rarely reflects something policyholders want to do. The critical value of insurance leads many to simply accept “what is” and pay high prices. The insurance industry, however, may be taking steps to … Continue reading

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New Zealand Demonstrates Leadership in Tax Transparency

A recent press release makes New Zealand sound as if is a tax haven claiming that it has complex financial deals. However, based on the characteristics of a tax haven, New Zealand does not qualify as one. Firstly, it has … Continue reading

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Why Customers from Equities First Holdings Use Stocks To Secure Loans

Equities First Holdings is an international lending institution that offers diverse financing solutions to customers. Most clients opt for the conventional credit based loans as a means to raising additional capital. However, there has been a rising trend in the … Continue reading

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