Graeme Holm is a Financial Visionary

Since starting his career with the Infinity Group, Graeme Holm knew what he needed to do to help other people have the same connection to financial fitness as him. He wanted others to realize they could get positive experiences and they could do more with their lives than ever before. Graeme Holm made a point of making sure people understood they had options and they had someone who could show them the road to financial fitness. With his help, many people receive opportunities they only imaged in the past. Graeme Holm wants others to realize they can do as much as what he does so they can get positive experiences no matter what.


By the time Graeme Holm started helping people with the opportunities he created, he knew things would keep getting better. He also knew the financial industry could see major changes based on the experiences he had in the beginning. It made him want to continue helping others and continue giving back to the communities that needed financial help. Graeme Holm looked at his clients as people he could make a difference with since they needed a lot of help with their financial fitness.


Graeme Holm always did a good job at helping other people and wanted others to realize he made sure he could provide them with the positive experiences that would lead to them making better financial choices. As long as Graeme Holm is the director of the Infinity Group, he can continue showing people how things will impact them in the future. Graeme Holm makes it his goal to always provide everyone with positive experiences no matter what issues they face or what they do while they’re trying to fix their finances.


As with fitness, Graeme Holm believes people can make their financial future better no matter what happened in the past. Graeme Holm learned from experience how to help people and how to ensure they have the best financial future possible. He also learned there were things he could do that would actually help more people than what he knew about. It was his idea of giving people a solid financial fitness opportunity that led to him making the best choices of his career. No matter what issues people faced, they could fix them through the positive experiences they had. It was his goal of giving that alleviated all the opportunities he could use for the future.


Even when things were difficult for Graeme Holm, he felt confident everything would change no matter what. He also felt there were things that would happen to others so they didn’t have to worry about the right way to do it. Graeme Holm believed in himself and believed in other people. He felt confident things would change and felt there were positive experiences people could have. Even though Graeme Holm knew what would happen to his clients, he still pushed for their success. With his urging, people could see the best parts of everything he had to offer.

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Behind Jim Larkin And Michael Lacey Arrest

Justified or not justified? This has been the debate on everyone lips since the uproar of Jim and Michael. Friday the 6th of April remains a sad day to Jim and Michael. Instead of celebrating his marriage party, Michael ended up in detention.

The case was the same for Jim where the federal agents raided his home and arrested him without hesitation. Those who witnessed the incident term it as inhumane. But why such an act?

According to government agencies, the social media sites of the two business partners Jim and Michael are accused of facilitating sex an allegation the accuse have refuted. The lawyers of the two newspapermen argue that there is more to the arrest that this cheap sex allegation. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Particularly they think that the arrest is to spoke the newspaper men from feeding the society with detailed information about the first amendment present on their sites.

Ideally, law experts state that this is wrong as it openly denies Jim and Michael the freedom of expression which should be enjoyed and practiced everywhere by anyone in the correct manner.

What is shocking is that where the case mentions seven parties to be blamed only Jim and Michael made it to the detention. Sex workers seem to be defending Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, but a significant number of the people who were negatively featured by Jim and Lacey believe the accusations are true. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

John McCain and his wife Cindy McCain are in the front line of justifying the acts as they consider the allegations as true. However, this can be a form of revenge hence cannot be entirely relied on as an incriminating factor.

It is not the first time for the government to arrest Jim and Michael. In 2016, the two were detained concerning the first amendment analysis but released on bond after some time. In 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were also arrested in 2007.

Luckily the court found them innocent and they were hence compensated with $3.75 million which they used to establish the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The fund deals with helping worthy Latin-America in Arizona through financial donations. Apart from this, the two businessmen are known for once owning the Times new site as well as the Village Voice Media (VVM) which they later sold. In spit tee great deeds in the society, they still await hearing and judgment in court.

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Nashville Music Producer Clay Hutson

Nashville is the place to be for music producers. This is certainly the case for Clay Hutson, a music producer who worked in the city’s live entertainment business for several years before taking the plunge and starting his own business.
Clay Hutson’s job certainly isn’t easy. Most days he gets up around 6:00 a.m. just to get to the venue before the workers. Once arriving, he goes over the upcoming schedule, walks through and makes sure everything is up to shape, and instructs the crew on what their tasks for the day will be. He is always remaining hyper vigilant to ensure that the show goes smoothly and efficiently.
With managing all these moving pieces, it is essential for Clay Hutson to keep organized. Hutson says that when he is on the road, he plans every moment of his day, to ensure that he reaches peak productivity. When he makes such an extensive plan, he can most effectively delegate tasks to his crew members.
Many of his clients are stars who want their performances to be a spectacle, so he needs to keep up to date on the latest trends and technological advances in the field. His favorite new trick is performers who utilize acrobatics and aerial stunts, which he says are a sure fire way to get the audience excited and engaged in the performance.
Clay Hutson graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production. He continued his education at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, where he earned a Master’s degree in business administration.
After completing school, he dove headfirst into the entertainment industry. He worked with Getagrip Touring for nearly two decades as a production manager; he was vice president of Ronin Event Creative starting in 2001; he worked as the stage manager for legendary rapper Kanye West; and he worked as the production manager for both Jennifer Nettles and Prince. He now dedicates his time to being the producer, designer, and manager for several live shows. During his two decades of experience, Hutson has worked with some of the rock and roll industry’s biggest names like Pink, Garbage, Guns N’ Roses, and Kid Rock

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Talkspace Highly Affordable and Convenient Platform for Therapy Online

Struggling with mental illness can make it difficult to live life normally either professionally or personally. However, the problem is that due to the high expense associated with consulting with a therapist, many people skip it. Missing out on consulting with a therapist can gravely impact your mental health, and the problem can continue to grow with time if left untreated. Talkspace is an online therapy app that helps people with consulting with a therapist online using their phone or even PC. The ability to contact the therapist use text or call is convenient as well as comfortable for many, and it not only is time-saving but also cost-effective. Talkspace has ensured that the cost of consulting with a therapist over the app is affordable and there are over a thousand therapists registered with Talkspace currently.

Talkspace has been able to reach out to nearly a million people through its service. With Talkspace, gone are the days when people have to visit the office of the therapist and wait for hours to get through the counseling. Talkspace allows people to consult with the licensed and professional therapists in the comfort of their home, office, or just about anywhere without having to visit any office or spend a fortune. Consulting with a licensed therapist has never been easier, and the company has ensured that the clients get matched to the therapist that is experienced and suitable to address the issue. The company’s growth has taken off in the past few years as more and more people realize how beneficial it is to consult with the therapist to get rid of their mental illness.

Michael Phelps, one of the greatest Olympic champions of all times in the field of swimming, has also associated himself with Talkspace recently. It has helped the company to get further positive outreach among the people. Michael Phelps opened up about his episodes with depression and mental illness and how therapy can help recently. It is for this reason he associated with Talkspace to ensure that people who need help with mental health can get the assistance in a mode they prefer. It is an affordable and convenient platform to address mental health issues.

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Michael Burwell’s Future Looks Bright


Michael J. Burwell attended Michigan State University, where he earned his Bachelors in Business Administration. He has become a successful financial advisor and a trained CPA. He was once a member of the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center’s Board, and he made significant improvements to its governance.

Michael Burwell replaced Roger Millay as the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Tower Watson on October 2, 2017. Michael was formerly the Head of Global Transformation, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer in the United States, and the Head of Transaction Services in the United States. He also has over 10 years of audit experience.

The Chief Executive Officer, John Haley, was excited about the announcement. He said that Michael would help with management, results, and client focus. He had confidence in Michael’s expertise and his ability to take the company to its full potential. Michael was honored by the role, and he was optimistic about their future shared success.

Michael’s key to productivity is doing more with less. He takes advantage of new technology, which helps him streamline the company’s operations and have a better performance. It is vital in his field to network and have great communication skills. Intently listen and provide people with useful advice that is relevant to their actual problem or goal.

Michael Burwell is optimistic about the future of Detroit, Michigan. The city has recently been attracting young talent who want to be entrepreneurs and start businesses. The economy is on the rise and the trend will mostly likely continue.

Michael had family and friends who were addicted to alcohol and drugs, so he wanted to do something to help. That is the reason why he joined the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center. He wishes he could do more philanthropy, but he is extremely busy in his new management roles at his company. He cares about his community, and he plans on doing more volunteer work in the future. See Related Link to learn more.


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PSI-Pay Looks the Future of Payments

In recent decades, technology has radically changed how the average consumer performs a transaction. Cash was once the dominant method, but credit cards soon took over. However, even that is falling out in favor of a new form of contactless payments. Recently the British Retail Consortium reported on the increased growth of credit card transactions in the United Kingdom. While at the same time, PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables are on the verge of reforming the industry. A recent article on the website Hi-Tech Chronicle discusses what may be on the horizon.

Starting from the top, a contactless payment is a cashless transactions. This is often in the form of a credit card or smartphone app. However, PSI Pay wants the transaction to be as simple as swiping a ring. They have teamed up with Kerv Wearables to make comfortable rings for all shapes and sizes. There is already precedence on the market for this type of technology. PSI Pay reported its most successful year to date in 2015. While third party services such as Paypal, Google Wallet, and Android Pay have caught on with the younger generation.

It is critical to remember that new technology comes with new security threats and protocols. Users are limited on the amount of money they can spend at once. Kerv rings boast having extensive tracking capabilities. The ring can also be turned off and on. PSI-Pay is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority, and in 2009 they added MasterCard to the network. That gave consumers in the EU access to a whole new payment company to use.

There is little doubt the transaction process will become increasingly simplified as technology advances. PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables have made a bold bet on the future, and it shows strong signals of paying off. Despite security risks, and limited use opportunities, the swiftness of spending money and expanding options for consumers is too good to pass up.

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How Financial Whiz Graeme Holm Decided To Help Australian Consumers

Infinity Group Australia is a popular debt reduction and money management firm. It was co-founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013 after they saw just what a bad deal Australian families were getting from financial institutions, including mortgage companies. The goal is to help their customers swiftly pay off their debts and attain financial freedom from the big banks and mortgage firms. A personal banker at Infinity Group works with their customers to pay down debt and as they manage their customer’s money and bills. The result is that most of the families they help can get out from under $41,000 of debt on average in the first 12 months.

This company is known for its excellent customer service and willingness to collaborate with their customers. They take a customer-first approach and emphasize building solid relationships with their customers so that the financial objectives are achieved while also providing a positive customer experience. Graeme Holm says that they take this same approach to the employees of Infinity Group Australia. Employees are spurred to put their ideas into the suggestion box and share their great ideas with the team. They also establish relationships with other industry professionals and take on new learning opportunities. Career advancement at this company is said to be good and the employees are given the tools and knowledge they need to do their jobs well.

Graeme Holm has now been in the financial services sector for 17 years. He has been accredited with a number of financial designations such as financial planning, finance, and real estate. It was after being in the major 4 banking environment for 10 years that he just couldn’t push branded products and services onto customers anymore. He was unhappy that so many Australian families were getting bad deal from the financial institutions they had accounts through and so he decided to do something about that state of affairs.

He says that when it comes to the loan market of Australia most families are living paycheck to paycheck with no end in sight. Many are only able to make the minimum down payments on their loans including their 30-year term mortgages. He said he came up with the concept of being “personal trainer for financial matters” similar to an exercise personal trainer in that one will get better results not going it alone. Most people who work with his company are able to pay down these 30-year loans in just 7 to 10 years on average, Graeme Holm says. Learn more:

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Dr. Mark McKenna

A doctor and an entrepreneur combined into one person may sound strange to some; however, Dr. Mark McKenna realized while he was still in medical school that in order to live the lifestyle that he craved, that he would have to do something in addition to working as a doctor. What McKenna has built with his talents has been a life changer for him.

Dr. Mark McKenna earned his medical degree from Tulane Medical School. He was following in his father’s footsteps, but while in college he realized that due to the way that insurance companies were changing reimbursements, that the income of doctors was actually in decline. So, while he was still in medical school, he started to acquire real estate property and was able to quickly build a successful real estate business in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina hit, Dr. Mark McKenna did sustain losses, but he was able to rebuild the company and sell it for profit. At that point, McKenna decided it was time to combine his medical expertise with his business sense.

OVME is being created in which people will be able to seek out cosmetic procedures. The difference with OVME though will be the app that Dr. Mark McKenna is also designing to accompany the actual offices. The app will allow individuals that want to have cosmetic procedures to contact practitioners that will actually travel to their home to complete procedures such as laser hair removal and Botox. By creating such an app, McKenna is allowing people to change their appearance in the ways that they desire, without ever leaving the privacy of their homes and that is just genius with the privacy that people crave today.

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Dr. Mark Mofid invents new implant

Gluteal augmentation is a plastic surgery operation which has proved to be very hard on the medical practitioner in the industry. In most cases, whenever, you get to hear it in the news, it is because something went wrong with a particular surgery. Many problems come from medical accidents or accidents. The plastic surgery industry has been full of demoralizing news on numerous operations which have gone wrong. However, even though the past seems to be bad, there is a new surgeon in town who is changing things from the way we knew them. This is none other than Dr. Mark Mofid of San Diego and La Jolla.

Dr. Mark Mofid is a leading professional in the cosmetic medical industry because of a number of things. One of them is because of the training he received as a medical practitioner. He was at the Harvard University and the John Hopkins School of Medicine. His expertise in the cosmetic industry is therefore not something that can be dismissed. Whenever he talks about anything about the industry, he is doing so because he knows what it is. Dr. Mofid has gone beyond the education and training. He is currently one of the industry innovators. He is using his brilliance in the industry to create new methods of plastic surgeries.

Dr. Mark Mofid is an industry innovator who is behind current innovations in the treatment of gluteal augmentation. He has created an implant that solves all the problems that were created by other implants. The new implant gives the desired results depending on the body of the client.

Dr. Mark Mofid emphasizes the health of the patient first before anything else. He has a stellar reputation which has resulted from the manner in which he treats his clients. He ensures that the implant that he is about to administer is compatible with the human body and is of the right size. The main challenge that has been witnessed with the other implants is that they were incompatible with the human body and the results were overhanging muscles. Dr. Mark Mofid is in the industry to cushion patients from the adverse effects of being administered with the wrong implant.

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Curious About Freedom Checks? Listen to Matt Badiali.

Just recently, the media introduced something new. They are called “Freedom Checks,” and you might have heard of them. In one ad, Matt Badiali is featured holding a large check for $114,287. It looks exactly like the check you get from the government for your tax refund.

Many viewers of these ads have probably immediately written them off as a scam, a too-good-to-be-true pipe dream, or a get-rich-quick scheme that only works for the tiniest percent of those that try to gain from it. Part of that instinct is due to the nature of the ads, which can sometimes come across as sensational and over-excited about the concept. The government writing individual citizens a check for no reason at all? That doesn’t seem possible.

But much of the confusion and writing-off of these ‘freedom checks’ comes from the fact that they’re not very well understood. It also might not help that most people have no idea who Matt Badiali is or why he’s talking about these ‘freedom checks’ in the first place. What makes him qualified to suggest this opportunity? And how is the average person supposed to know if this opportunity is even legitimate?

Let’s take a look at Badiali, freedom checks, and the investing principles behind them to find out whether they’re for real or too good to be true.

Matt Badiali is a financial analyst, and his background in geology puts him ahead of all of the others. He attended Penn State University where he studied Earth Sciences and earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Then, Matt moved on to Florida Atlantic University where he received his Master of Science in Geology. His work has taken him all over the world where he has personally inspected the mines and wells of Switzerland, Turkey, Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iraq and Papua New Guinea as well as many others. His training as a geologist helped him to interrogate CEOs in a knowledgeable manner. So, he always learned the truth about an investment directly from the source.

This check isn’t really from the government. It is a private check, but we will discuss that later.

What’s going on here is something that you may have come in contact with before. The intention is to make it seem as if you can raise your hand, and someone will come and hand you a ton of cash. That’s what you think until you start to learn the details, and by the time that happens, you aren’t interested anymore.

Maybe you were one of the unfortunate ones who immediately got your credit card so that you could buy whatever it was that was being sold. In this instance, we are talking about “U.S. Freedom Checks,” and they are using the same script to convince you that you need to get in on this. As a matter of fact, it is the same script that was used to hook people into “Patriot Checks” that Lifetime Income Report advertised last year and continues to promote. You can relax because “Freedom Checks” is something entirely different.

The one thing that makes “Freedom Checks” different from all the other scams is that this one is an “investment.” A clue comes from the fact that “Freedom Checks” were introduced in an investment newsletter. They are promising that you can receive a ton of cash from something that they want to sell you. No one is giving away money.

If you’re still there, we can explore this a little further. We are going to see exactly what it is that Matt Badiali is promoting with his “Freedom Checks.”

After the stock market crash in 2008, Matt Badiali embarked on an ambitious venture. He purchased stock in Kaminak Gold Corp., but his friends and family didn’t believe that this was a wise decision. The stock market was still going down at the time, but Matt Badiali’s stock was going up. He purchased the stock on December 5, 2008 at the price of $0.06 and sold it on August 26, 2010 for $2.64. This meant that he realized a gain of 4,400 percent!

First, let’s examine the ad for this product:

“See this check…this one right here written out for $114,287? I call it a ‘freedom check.’ Imagine this check being yours. All you have to do is sign it and cash it…It’s no wonder Reuter’s reports that freedom checks are ‘delivering a windfall’ and that Motley Fool says the ‘cash payouts are sky-high.’ Barron’s reports…‘it’s time to take a look.’ Forbes gives them a …‘bullish case.’ And Seeking Alpha says Freedom Checks are a…‘hidden gem.’”

This ad seems to have everything that a financial ad needs. It suggests that a huge chunk of money is on its way to your doorstep, and it also gives you some quotes from highly reputable people. This makes it look like this is the real deal.

Ads such as these are always written as if you must jump in RIGHT NOW! The purpose of this is to keep you from thinking about your decision too much. The copywriters know that if you take enough time to consider what is being offered, you are likely to leave it on the table.

The reality is that this type of investment is a commitment. You must be prepared to make repeated investments in order to receive a payout at a future date, so these types of investments always deserve more thought than these ads are willing to give you.

Another financial expert hired Mr. Badiali to perform some research for him. Because of this relationship, this financial expert was able to significantly increase revenue to his firm because of Matt Badiali’s recommendations. He distinguished himself as superior to all of the hedge fund managers and mutual fund managers that the company had working for it at the time.

Matt Badiali has stated, “It’s a secret program presidents from both sides of the aisle have been working on over the last 40 years…from Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Clinton all the way to Obama and even Trump – making this what many insiders have called the ‘last truly bipartisan policy.’”

The truth is that Matt Badiali is promoting “Master Limited Partnerships” or MLPs.

An MLP is a business partnership that functions in the role of a publicly traded limited partnership. This means that you can obtain the tax-related advantages of a partnership, including the fact that your profits will only be taxed once profits are received by your investors. But it also means that an MLP can enjoy the fluid nature and high liquidity of a company that has gone public.

There are essentially two types of MLP, those that involve limited partners who purchase MLP shares and provide the initial capital, and general partners who are responsible for operating the MLP on an ongoing, daily basis.

These partnerships are traded nationally, offering truly dramatic tax benefits for general partners and limited partners alike. Meanwhile, MLPs also help enhance cash flow because they distribute all available assets to investors. This can help reduce capital costs for many businesses that are highly centered around capital. This might include the energy sector or oil industry businesses alike, and many others to boot.

MLPs are nothing new—they’ve been in use since way back in 1981. At that time they were less regulated than they are now, but they’ve continued to bring about the same powerful benefits as before. In 1987 Congress enacted a statute known as 26-F. While this didn’t make much of a splash at the time, there are now over 550 companies who meet the requirements for Statute 26-F and can legally offer freedom checks at any time.

But what are the limitations on freedom checks? There are essentially two primary regulations. First, 90% of the revenue that powers freedom checks must come in the form of storage, transportation, processing or production of oil or gas in America. Secondly, the companies must agree to pay out these checks on an annual basis.

So why are so many websites and individuals claiming these checks are a scam? It’s simply because they misunderstand exactly how freedom checks work, thinking they’re some puffed-up get-rich-quick scheme designed to lure people in. The truth is, they’re not a government program in the way that many advertisements market them to be. The government isn’t handing out checks to individuals or companies all over the country.

And that’s a good thing, because a freedom check can easily dwarf a Social Security monthly payment by as much as three or four times. Even better, because the payments are considered by the government to be ‘return of capital,’ that means that they’re not subjected to income tax and as a result allow for much higher returns than otherwise possible.

These special MLP investments known as freedom checks also allow investors to bypass the need to open a special account or anything similar to begin benefiting. It’s as easy as buying a share of any other stock, and you can even get your distribution check through the mail or simply have it deposited directly into whatever account you use to invest.

Yet another benefit of MLPs and freedom check is that they can be traded for as little as $10 or less. That means that anyone can get involved and begin seeing returns, not just those with a massive portfolio and loads of capital to invest.

MLPs are traded publicly on the stock market, and they are exempt from paying federal income taxes if they “pass through” their profits to their shareholders. Therefore, these investments are income-focused, and shareholders usually receive high distribution yields. This means that a trader of MLPs is a lot like someone who trades dividend-paying stocks.

With MLPs, you purchase shares, and in return, you receive payments that you can either deposit or reinvest in additional shares. These quarterly payments tend to increase as time goes by, and the shares rise as well.

First, Mr. Badiali ensures that the company has “In-Demand” assets in the amount of $1 billion or more, and these assets must be liquid. The raw materials that the company controls or owns must be in high demand and must also be worth billions of dollars. Second, the company must distribute payments to shareholders on a consistent basis and/or the payments need to increase consistently. Third, the company has to be able to prove that its shareholders are growing wealthy because of their investments in the company. The last thing Mr. Badiali does is examine a company’s financial statements to ensure that they are financially healthy.

But who is Matt Badiali, and why is his advice worth listening to about this seemingly too-good-to-be-true opportunity? His background might surprise you if you’re expecting someone born and raised in the world of finance and investing. But Badiali’s unique background brings him a perspective that can’t be matched in the world of investments and unique earning opportunities. So what informs his unorthodox approach?

Badiali has spent over twenty years studying and working within the natural resources industry. He’s been consulted on dozens of occasions as an expert when it comes to the varying industries including energy, agriculture, and mining. He’s also done everything from working hands-on with large drilling rigs to exploring mine shafts and managing oil wells which he owns. He’s managed to turn all of these investments and opportunities into profitable investments both in the short- and long-term view.

Badiali has spent time all over the globe, traveling from Singapore to Hong Kong, the remote reaches of Papua New Guinea to areas as remote as the Yukon and the Mexican desert. This approach to getting his hands dirty and being involved first-hand has given Badiali an understanding of investing that comes from real-world experience. He recognizes that the only way to develop a true knowledge of financial success, or anything for that matter, is to be involved at the ground level. He advises his clients to “go see for yourself” whether your investment is safe and secure, and whether it will lead to worthwhile dividends down the road.

Matt Badiaili has a unique background

Matt Badiali has traveled the globe – from Singapore to Hong Kong to areas as remote as the Yukon and the Mexican desert.

He also stresses the importance of staying up-to-date with the most recent, groundbreaking opportunities in investing. That’s why he’s constantly going out and meeting with CEOs, master investors and experts on everything from stocks to precious metals. It’s all for the sake of developing a clear picture of what the future holds, and what opportunities might lie there.

Badiali has a long list of accolades that include speaking with business luminaries including Ross Beaty, T. Boone Pickens and Rick Rule. He’s also taught at both Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

Despite all of his success in business and the world of geology, Badiali has another passion. One that drives him beyond all the others. Badiali describes his true passion as, “tracking down rare and profitable investment opportunities for my readers.”

It’s this passion that led Badiali to spend eleven years writing about and researching incredibly profitable yet under-valued investment opportunities that might not yet have caught the eye of the public at large. It’s also the reason he’s spent eleven years writing and researching these investments for other publishers, helping to spread the world about these opportunities.

This is how Badiali has been able to make some truly eye-popping investments that have paid massive dividends. They include an investment in 2008 into a mining stock then valued at $0.06. But even as the stock market plummeted two years later, Badiali was able to sell his investment at $2.64 for a total gain of 4,400%.

Investing in opportunities that others might undervalue or even think are worthless is what has brought Badiali his success, and it’s what has led him to the opportunities behind freedom checks. Far from the get-rich-quick schemes that they’re often presented as, freedom checks are simply MLPs that bring about significant rewards for long-term investments over time.

As a matter of fact, over $34.6 billion in freedom checks have been paid thanks to the most recent tax plan, resulting in massive earnings for a wide range of people from all walks of life. Again, these are not free checks being handed out by the government. Rather, they’re high-yield investments that require some level of commitment to obtain.

So that’s why those over-the-top ads you’ve been seeing might be a bit overexaggerated– but shouldn’t be ignored. In their own way, they might be the first introduction you have to an investment opportunity that can have three or four times the yield as your social security checks, without any tax obligations.

The key is to do research for yourself and begin your investment journey with a firm foundation of understanding about how exactly MLPs work, how they can provide opportunities to receive ‘freedom checks’, and how you can begin your investment regardless of your financial situation. Remember—just because something is exaggerated, or marketed with over-the-top tactics, doesn’t mean that it can’t provide you an opportunity to change your life in both the short-term and the future.

Learn More About Matt Badiali

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