Google Now Tracks Offline Purchases

Google recently unveiled the ability to track credit card users’ offline purchases to their online portfolios. The new technology allows the company to show its users ads based on their offline purchase patterns. Google plans to use the data to attract users to its line of free services and to sell advertising. Google stated it has joined a network of third party vendors that gives the company over 70 percent access to a customer’s credit or debit card purchases.


Executives at Google state they have complex mathematical formulas in place that protect debit and credit card users’ private information. The executives also stated that the formulas make it impossible to know the identity of the card users. Google has stated in the past that protecting the privacy of its users is the company’s number one priority.


The problems lie in most consumers’ willingness to hand over personal information to Google. Because the company is a trusted name among most people, they feel confident the company will protect their private information. For the past several years, Google has had the ability to track people’s locations through Google Maps. The company gives that information to advertisers who want to know how many consumers visit their stores. Statistics show that consumers who purchase goods and services with their cards have less than a one in three chance Google does not know about the purchases.



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Up to Date News with Credit Cards


Credit cards can be used without racking up debt and only used responsibly — by some. Many succumb to the allure of money now, debt later, and dig themselves in proverbial financial holes. Either way, whether you are a responsible or not-so-repsonsible user, credit cards will always be a big part of our collective lives. Wells Fargo is still taking hits, making a few months straight of nothing but bad news, as they have lost a government contract from Philadelphia in overseeing its payroll system. Wells Fargo used to be a premier financial servicer, but now they are merely but a shell of their former selves.


Other credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx will likely always be in style. MasterCard saw their profits rise as people have been charging their credit cards more lately. Despite having to compete with payroll servicers such as ADP who work with companies to pay their employees, major card brands such as Visa and MasterCard are both experiencing high profits in 2017’s summer season.


Some companies have created masterful, complex, thorough computer algorithms to make use of sensitive credit card data. Google, a technological powerhouse, tracks credit card profiles by compiling all credit cards used per person into one file to better analyze consumer spending, rather than studying amounts on each credit card.


Credit cards have likely proved their helpfulness during your life just as they have mine. Responsible use of credit cards fuels personal and business spending, ramping up the economy.


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Credit Card Reward Spending Goes Through The Roof

If you are like most Americans you have received dozens if not hundreds of credit card offers in the mail. Many people just ignore them and throw them away. However, there are some reasons why at least some of these cards may be worth your time. The reason being not necessarily because they have great interest rates, but perhaps because they have great reward offerings. That is to say that some of these cards will give you a reward just for using the card.


Business Insider talks about how the use of such rewards by customers has exploded as of late. Not only are more people aware of the rewards available, but they are grabbing on to them while they can in order to get some benefits for their spending.


As credit card companies become increasingly competitive with one another for customers the battle to give greater rewards rages on as well. For the average consumer this means a jackpot of possibilities in terms of the rewards that they get. They can be selective about the credit cards they use simply based on those rewards.


The amount that the credit card companies are spending on rewards has more than doubled just since 2010 and that number is projected to keep rising. What was once just an afterthought in the credit card world is now something that customers are actively looking for. That is so important because if the companies continue to battle it out over credit card rewards, you can fully expect that customers will take advantage.


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Google To Track Credit Card Usage

The largest search engine in the world continues to innovate in the offerings that it personally has out there as it relates to technology and the business world. It is truly amazing to see some of the things they have come up with. They both make our lives easier and if you are to believe the critics less private.


The BBC reports that Google will now start tracking billions of credit card transactions all throughout the world. They want to do this in order to show their advertisers how their ads stack up online versus out in the real world.


The point is to have a larger data set available to Google and its advertisers in order to help them better understand how to best reach the customer. Of course this plan does not come without critics. Some state that this is just the latest invasion of privacy by the company and they say that they are very upset by what is happening. They do not want their personal credit and debit card usage to be tracked in the way that Google wants to.


While those concerns are legitimate, users do have the option to not use the services provided by Google if they feel that their privacy is at risk. It is not a requirement that the service be provided, and this is why Google feels so secure in announcing what they are planning to do and how it might help some people. The company remains strong and poised for yet another leap in innovation.


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Cash Advances On Credit Cards Could Ruin You

Many people are of the mindset that if they are in a financial bind of any kind that they have to do what they must in order to get out. That is not necessarily the case though. There are certain financial moves which should not be made. For example, reaching for the credit card for a cash advance is a very bad idea.


The New York Times did a piece in which they talk about cash advances on credit cards and how truly detrimental they are. The problem says the New York Times is that the cash advance comes with an average interest rate of about 24%. That is in comparison to a rate of 16% on regular purchases made with those cards.


There are some expenses which simply cannot be paid with a credit card, but they are not all that common. More frequently it is possible to pay something on a credit card the regular way or work out terms with the entity that is owed money in order to get a deal.


Either one of those options is preferable to going for the cash advance. A late bill can hurt your credit score, but that is a much better option than to live with trying to keep up with the credit card cash advances. It is really hard to get ahead again once you have fallen behind with those advances. They look so appealing but you should definitely stay very far away from these disasters in the making.


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American Express And Chase Battle To Be Seen As High Class

There are some credit card companies which just want their customers to feel like royalty. They literally want the carriers of their cards to feel as though they are a member in an exclusive club. This is because if they feel this way, they may be more likely to pull out those cards and use them.


The two major credit card companies which battle like this are American Express and Chase. In fact, according to the New York Times Chase is the once challenger that is now starting to eat the lunch of American Express. At one point in time they saw and they chased. Now, they are winning the overall battle.


The Sapphire Reserve card was released by Chase and it has been giving American Express headaches ever since. The card is not only nice to look at but also comes with many benefits and rewards for the users. This has meant that users are instantly able to get a boost of rewards just for having and holding this card. That alone is an incredible incentive to use it.


Some from American Express have outright stated that they are worried about what kind of impact the Chase card will have on their business model. They understand that the two companies are playing for the same base of customers, and they want to be the company that gets the bulk of them. It is conceivable that American Express might be bringing along some rewards offers of their own that help boost engagement in the near future.


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The Growth of Lime Crime

Lime Crime, a decade old makeup brand that was specifically designed by a unique individual who not only loves makeup, but also loves seeing the smiles on every unique face as they see what can be done to accentuate the beautiful features on every single face that makes every consumer feel happy, confident, and ready to conquer the world. What makes Lime Crime such a unique brand is due to the bold and bright colors that are used on not only the eyes, but also on the cheeks, and even on the lips. In recent news, Doe Deere has even released a hair dye that now even accentuates the beauty of each individual’s hair. Doe Deere has used all of these products to bring out a smile on each and every face of her customers. Doe Deere is a fun and caring individual who has made her clients a part of her successful business.


Though Doe Deere was born in Russia, she was raised in New York City where she learned over the years that New York City was the perfect place for her to live because it reflected her spirit and her love of a vibrant and high energy city that never sleeps. Doe Deere, in New York City, has always felt home and has always felt that her best ideas come from when she feels at home. Doe Deere created Lime Crime in New York City and has made sure that her internet-based company has sky rocketed to become one of the most popular makeup brands.


What makes Doe Deere’s company so unique is the fact that she has involved the clients of the company in every step of the process. Doe Deere has made sure that her internet-based company uses the comments from the clients. This way of doing business has not only made sure that her products are of the highest quality, but has also made sure that she has remained humble in her success. Doe Deere created her business for the people and wants to make sure that it remains that way for as long as she is in business.

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A Review Of Susan McGalla’s Successful Career

In the past centuries, the issue of gender equity was not a priority. Men were assigned superior roles with active participation in the economy while women were left to play passive roles. The few women who managed to build their careers were subjected to pay inequality. In addition, it was rare to find women sitting in the boards of different companies. However, the scenario started changing in the 21st century when more women took up different leadership positions in the corporate world. Irrespective of increased empowerment, the number of women in various senior management positions is still low compared to that of men. Susan posits that there is the need to empower women and give them the needed resources to be in a position to assume various competitive executive positions. Susan McGalla is one of the few women who have succeeded in their careers considering that she has held up various roles considered to be male-dominated.

Susan McGalla is a role model to the women around the globe. Over the years, she has focused on helping other women succeed in their careers. She believes that women have the power to break the glass ceiling and achieve success provided they focus on their work. Susan has been sharing insights on how women can thrive in the competitive corporate world. To this end, more women have gained confidence to venture into various professions. Susan has spent most of her time in the clothing industry where she served in different management positions. McGalla has had a distinguished career. She achieves success by virtue of blending versatility, hard work, confidence, and having passion for what she does. McGalla believes that people can soar to greater heights if they learn to identify their potential and powerful traits, and use them.

Recently, Susan McGalla established P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is also in charge of strategic planning and growth at Pittsburgh Steelers. She has gained extensive expertise in the retail and clothing industries. Today, she offers professional services to prominent personalities in the finance sectors. Susan advises people on a wide range of topics, including talent management and acquisition, marketing, branding, and product merchandising. Her career started at Joseph Horne Company in 1986 where she worked until 1994. Later, she joined American Eagle Outfitters. Here, she worked in various positions before being promoted to serve as the president and chief merchandising officer (CMO) of the firm’s flagship American Eagle. Later, she assumed the same positions for the entire franchise.

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Renown Heath Opening New Clinic in South Reno Area

Renown Health was planning to expand its operations to South Reno area by opening a clinic at The Summit Mall. Initially, the clinic is expected to provide basic care service in addition to a laboratory. However, there is a possibility of expanding these services in future. During an interview with NNBW, Renown Medical Group’s medical services director, Dr. McCormack explained how the clinic will provide comfort and inviting setting to patients seeking medical services from it. The facility would have sufficient space for instance a conference hall where medical specialists can converge with patients to educate them on healthcare matters.

According to Dr. McCormack, other services will wait market analysis in the region because of the prevailing uncertainty in the industry due to President Trump’s proposal of replacing Obamacare. Currently, the South Reno facility has 11 healthcare professionals, but plans are underway to add one or more primary care physicians and a nurse practitioner. The facility is built on a 10,000 square foot land. According to Dr. McCormack, the growing population of Truckee Meadows, growing economy and availability of health insurance services are increasing the need for people to seek primary care service, especially in the area of South Meadows.

About Renown Health Group

Renown Health is a healthcare provider based in Reno, Northern Nevada. It is locally-owned, nonprofit healthcare facility, which aims to reinvests its earning through various programs in order to enhance service delivery to the community. Renown Health does not have shareholders to share its earnings. The objective of the clinic is to provide quality healthcare services to its patients and the communities.

Partnering with Other Organizations

To be able to provide excellent healthcare services to patients, Renown Health has established relations with great partners. In mid-2016, Renown Health added Stanford Medicine, Stanford Children’s Health and Stanford Health Care to the ever increasing list of partners. Renown Health relies on these and other partners to provide specialized medical services which might not be available at the facility.

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Lime Crime Helping Others to Become Unicorn with New Hair Dye

Lime Crime is a makeup line that has been turning heads for years. That’s because the founder of the company, Doe Deere, has come out with a product line that is unique and flawless all at the same time.


The founder noticed a long time ago that there was a need for fun and creative colors. When she stopped at the store, she could only find standard pinks and reds when it came to blush, lipstick, and more. She knew that there were people out there that desired products that would stand out a bit more and that’s how her makeup line was born.


The makeup is for those who want to make a big and bold statement with their makeup. There’s no shortage of surprises when it comes to the makeup line. Just look at Lime Crime lip wear for example. They basically sell every color imaginable. There are blues, greens, oranges, purples, and more! There are so many different shades. Men and women are able to find a color that suits their needs. This makeup line also has a variety of other products including eyeshadow, eyeliner, and more!


According to Elle, Lime Crime has a product that will satisfy all the unicorn lovers out there. They have a brand new line of hair dye! These dyes come in super fun shades such as reds, purples, and blues. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to spice up their look in a new and fun way. The hair dye is even made with vegan ingredients.


Overall, this makeup line is for those who dare to be different. These products are meant for people who want to look fashionable and flawless. It’s for those who see makeup as an art form and their face as a canvas. It’s for those who know that they are destined to create unique looks. Many follow in the footsteps of the CEO Doe Deere. Deere has long been known for creating unique looks by combining unique colors. She always has flawless and perfect hair and makeup to match. Now fans can recreate her look and gain inspiration by purchasing the products.

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